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We’re always up for serving up mesmerizing looks to up the heat quotient even in corporate life and if you too are like us, with your finger firmly placed on the sartorial pulse, it’s time to nail a rocker chic look while keeping things sophisticated or be your own boss while looking bold or simply embrace your individuality and power of expression by transcending fashion and lifestyle boundaries while riding the trends. Ineffable style and a zealous sense of glamor dominate summer corporate style and if you’re looking for bold, sexy and ever so stylish fashion elements that will turn heads in your workplace, we’ve got you covered. .

The lifting of the Covid-19 lockdown inspires us to hit the stylish road again and look bombastic as we head to work or resume business trips, so switch to monochromatic dress and opt for edgy takes instead of conventional looks. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Sukanya Bhataacharya, Founder of Prathaa, shared, “With the pandemic overtaking us and ‘outside’ being replaced by ‘at home’, our fashion consumption has changed, with visual appeal being replaced by comfort. Gradually teleworking is moving to the start of the school year, reorienting our dressing room. This time, however, a fusion of comfort and functionality with casual work, leisure and sportswear is rising to the top. Above all, there has been immense attention in the feeling of purchase. This has further led the industry to focus on a customer-centric approach as opposed to following style trends.

She revealed 5 fashion tips for choosing work clothes while sticking to the above sentiment –

1. Choose comfort and functionality over fashion – Creations admired both for their beauty and for their performance, in particular by choosing silhouettes in breathable fabrics. Dresses, tunics, wide leg pants, comfortable tops and semi-formal jumpsuits all add up to a unique fashion statement. Look for clothes with pockets for functionality.

2. Versatility – What can be styled differently each time you choose to wear it increases the number of wears per garment, which further has a subtle connection to fashion sustainability. In short, multifunctional clothing. Think – a dress like a tunic, or a cape, a crop top like a jacket or a sari blouse.

3. Accessorize – Always in fashion. Consider clothing accessories: blazers, jackets, semi-formal capes, stoles, scarves, etc. Always handy for an office look at the party.

4. Local support – Local businesses listen and develop products that understand your needs. Their conversations with you are a constant process of growth. Your support is essential to them. A health and wellness checklist to boost your confidence and brighten up your workspace in the wake of the new post-pandemic dawn.

5. Invest in less but better – A minimalist closet is the best closet. Focus on quality, people and process.


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