5 ways to incorporate summer fashion trends into your fall wardrobe!


It’s official. Hot Girl Summer is almost over. Fall is fast approaching, but don’t worry, with a new season comes new fashion trends. And you can most likely mix some of your old favorite summer pieces with new fall wardrobe items. So it’s like you still have a piece of summer with you. We have you covered; goodbyes don’t always have to be bittersweet!

Let’s look at some wardrobe pieces that you can give a unique touch with summer accessories/pieces!

1. Cowboy Hat

I’m sure you’ve seen cowboy hats paired with a cute cow print bikini swimsuit on your Instagram feeds this summer, but what about pairing the versatile hat with pants or jeans? in leather and a nice sweater or a blazer for the fall? If you want a more western look, you can go all out by wearing a long leather trench coat. You can also add boots, whether thigh-high or cropped, to complete the outfit and make it look complete.

2. Crop tops

Who doesn’t love a good crop top in the summer? But how about wearing this everyday top in the fall? This simple outfit is perfect for pumpkin picking, a date at the mall with friends or a quick run to Starbucks. You can easily pair it with a leather jacket or a button-up flannel shirt to stay warm in the cool fall weather.

3. Leather skirt

Whether short or long, you can wear a leather skirt all season long. In the summer you’ve probably seen this piece paired with sandals and a cute summer blouse, but did you know that you can wear a leather skirt in the fall with a nice skinny turtleneck and a cute jacket or sweater? jacket? And to dress up the skirt even more (and keep your legs warm), you can wear tights or leggings.


Not only can you wear blazers in the summer with a pair of cut off denim shorts and sandals, but you can also wear this versatile piece whether oversized or tailored in the fall with trousers, leather leggings and a sweater/blouse underneath – the perfect outfit for business meetings or everyday activities.

5. Transparent scarves

Whether you want to use a sheer scarf to wrap around your neck or use it as a wrap for your hair, you’re sure to make a fashion statement with this piece. You can also use the scarf to dress up your bag handle or pair it with some of your favorite fall boots and a cozy sweater.

What fashion trend will you be sporting this coming fall? And which fall trend do you think should be said goodbye?


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