Billions on hot TikTok for in-store fashion trends


Now you can snag a designer deal with this $4.99 rotisserie chicken — but only if you have an exclusive VIP card.

Costco, the members-only wholesale store, has become a go-to destination for fashion lovers hoping to grab a bargain on the latest trends, as well as their industrial-sized pantry items and giant 1-pound hot dogs. $.50. “Haul” videos – humbly boasting of cut-price duds, from Hunter boots to affordable UGG dupes – from across the country are racking up billions of views on social media.

TikTok, in particular, has become a treasure trove for promoting not-so-glamorous warehouse fashion finds. The popular search term “Find Costco Clothing” has about 2 billion views. Meanwhile, several hashtags have millions of watches and counting: #costcofashion has over 5.6 million, #costcocouture with over 5 million and #costcoclothes over 4 million.

@CostcoCouture — an account run by Jennifer Maldonado dedicated solely to Costco fashion shopping — informed bargain hunters of Hunter Chelsea boots, which typically retail around $175, priced at just $84.99. Her video racked up 671,000 views.

“It’s about riding on a budget,” the Los Angeles resident told the Post. “Costco brings people together from all walks of life because everyone loves a bargain!”

Maldonado, who works in the cannabis industry, said she started discovering cutting-edge items on her own during twice-weekly shopping trips. After sharing her coveted finds with friends, the 40-year-old opened a TikTok account in May 2021 for Costco fans, where she now has 18,000 followers.

“I get compliments every time I wear one of my Costco finds,” she said. “Never fails. My Pendleton rain jacket is the number one winner. It’s a real classic and one I hope will keep for a long time.

Jennifer Maldonado runs the TikTok @CostcoCouture account, which has over 18,000 dedicated followers.
Courtesy of Jennifer Maldonado

Now she visits the seven stores near her residence “at least twice a week” because, she says, “each Costco has its own personality.”

“While shopping at Costco, I noticed that the quality of clothes had increased, that there were name brands on the floor and they were trendy,” the fashionista said, noting that she is not paid to present products but has work experience in clothing. .

The style maven explained that she’s seen quality brands in store like Hunter, Columbia, Ella Moss and Ugg – but the most memorable gem she spotted once in the big box was a Jimmy handbag Choo for sale.

Discounted Hunter boots seem to be an often-coveted item.
Discounted Hunter boots seem to be an often-coveted item among TikTokers.

It’s no secret either. One of Maldonado’s most-viewed Costco fashion TikToks, viewed over 410,000 times since June 27, shows hordes of women going wild for the 32 Degree Cushion Slides with a trendy platform design priced at $9.99. They “had a legit crowd,” she noted. On TikTok, a $29.99 Tommy Hilfiger packable jacket drew 595,000 views, while $20 Calvin Klein joggers garnered 608,000 views in one of his “Hey, shoppers!” videos.

“A lot of the clothes I wear, I get compliments every day,” she told NPR. “And I always say it’s from Costco, and I get the same response – like, a blank look on their face. Like, really – Costco? Shit, yeah.

She’s not alone either. “Don’t walk, run at Costco,” says a video with 74,500 views since it was posted on Wednesday, showing $30 Skechers sneakers – a favorite brand of Gen Z as Y2K trends return – and those same Hunter rain boots.

“Stop scrolling right now because that’s your sign to go to Costco,” influencer Ashley Bell said in a clip that has been viewed nearly 21,000 times showing Fila sweatshirts she tagged for just $13 – an award that prompted her to choose two colors. “Costco is coming in strong. »

Costco declined to comment when contacted by The Post.

And it’s not just limited to the store. Online shopping has also been a boon for Costco fashionistas, with Maldonado modeling her on-trend Hilary Ridley S midi skirt in a leopard print — much like that $190 Achievement Par zipper skirt that went viral in 2018 — for a low price of $14.99.

She also touts the website for deals from designers like Tory Burch, Fendi, Givenchy and Chloé, enthusiastically pointing The Post to an Edith bag 50% off ($2,290 at Bloomingdales but $1,800 at Costco – but for members only).

In fact, on-trend styles are aplenty, with many users touting the jacket – a jumper and jacket combination seen at Victoria Beckham’s latest runway show and on the backs of stylish celebrities like Gigi Hadid – for $15, as well as next season. widely-seen the cargo pants trend adored by Jennifer Lopez.

Sure, it’s rare to find real tailoring you could easily stumble upon at Saks Fifth Avenue at the wholesale giant, but plenty of other videos show a wide range of everyday clothing and accessories. more practical from popular brands like Jessica Simpson, Champion, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and more.

A teacher, who said she needed clothes made of lightweight fabrics for her school in Hawaii which has no air conditioning, showed off her collection of stunning products for the school year, with most items at less $15, including pants she showed off in a later video.

“I’m sure no one really wants to see it,” she said in the video, which has nearly 754,000 views. “Am I starting a new trend?”

While the trend has been bubbling for some time, Costco as a clothing destination has also been the subject of jokes. Comedian Anjelah Johnson mocked the store during a stand-up routine at the Netflix Is a Joke festival in June, naming the Costco house brand Kirkland, which offers everything from meats to clothes to diapers .

Many shoppers were seen checking out fashionable shoes in a store.
Many shoppers were seen checking out fashionable shoes in a store.

“I’m approaching the age where I’m going to start buying my clothes in the same place where I shop,” the 40-year-old said in a video with 9.4 million watches. “Say I won’t!” You’ll catch me at Costco.

But Costco’s “unexpected appeal” for clothing may be a sign of the times, according to fashion blog Refinery29, especially since fleeting trends travel fast fashion brands faster than consumers’ minds – or wallets, given rising prices for essentials – can handle.

One of the most viewed TikToks shows a pair of sandals for $9.99.
One of the most viewed TikToks with 410,000 watches shows a pair of sandals for $9.99.
In addition to the website where a fashionista found her sons, New Yorkers can visit Costco stores in Harlem, Astoria, Rego Park and Sunset Park.
In addition to the website where LA-based fashionista Maldonado found her sons, New Yorkers can visit Costco stores in Harlem, Astoria, Rego Park and Sunset Park.

“Costco really does a great job following trends and following big brands that are trending,” a TikToker told the outlet.

It may also be residual fallout from the pandemic, which has been a game changer when it comes to how we dress as a society.

“It’s all about comfort,” said one Costco shopper. “It’s kind of like a whole new mindset.”

For Maldonado, not every visit is a win in the fashion department, but she can always count her chickens.

“To justify my time and gas, I’ll usually pick up a few non-clothing items while I’m there,” she said. “It’s too hot to cook in the summer, so our family lives on Costco rotisserie chicken. The skins are so delicious!


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