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What’s an outfit without jewelry? The sparkle and joy of wearing precious metals and gemstones always brings together a look and reflects your personality because there is something beautiful and personal about it, but we know that with so many jewelry options , you can easily get stuck between the choices.

Well now, to sort out your style woes, we’ve got some fashion experts on board to give you handy tips for coordinating jewelry with your outfit that you can easily memorize and use for big and small occasions and ensembles. discreet or grand.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Nishit Nanda, CEO of, suggested some cool ways to coordinate jewelry with outfit and reduce conflict, for those who struggle with their cut more than they wear it:

1. Keep it casual – If you feel like this is your era of T-shirts and bling, fret not and look pretty with a pair of striking yet subtle yellow gold hoop earrings. The simpler the silhouette, the more striking it will look, especially on darker skin tones. The benefits – you feel delicate and elegant at the same time with as little effort as possible.

2. As usual – For a look that brings order to the room, complement your power suit or pencil skirt with a statement that can be read from a mile away. A classic complement with meaning – opt for a robust but solid bracelet. With enough wear, it can be your go-to for taking interest to a whole new level at work while giving off an aura that says you’re in charge.

3. Statement Maker – As we like to say – “when in doubt, go all out” if you’re in the mood to make an entrance, make sure all eyes are on you with a standout piece made of colorful stones with intricate or unusual details. You can go maximalist by layering several stunners or stay chic with one theatrical piece. For a night out, opt for darker colors that will be the perfect partners in crime for a formal style statement.

4. Formal Final – Dressing up for formal events is one of the hardest parts of the whole business, whether it’s weddings, cocktail parties, housewarmings, or hosting. Add a touch of whimsy to your aura with a limited edition or unusual piece that will make a great conversation piece. Quirky yet interesting, an heirloom, flea market find, or any one-of-a-kind masterpiece will add a touch of charm to your outfit, when paired strategically.

5. Play by color – Who doesn’t love a good color scheme? Divide your cuts into the main palette of warm, cool, and neutral to understand how much they play with your skin tone and mood. Whether it’s a dazzling splash of Mediterranean sunshine or the gold of the Gobi Desert, add a splash of color to evoke the sensuality of chromotherapy.

6. Your form – While fashion rules are meant to be broken, sometimes the shape of your jewelry plays an important role in elevating the outfit. A classic, minimal design goes well with almost any OOTD while teardrop accents evoke femininity. Abstract, asymmetrical shapes when paired with stark or solid outerwear and rectangles or squares always speak bold.

7. Experimentation is key – Once you’re in your comfort zone with a few signature pieces, it’s time to break the rhythm and get bold. Why not pair a vintage filigree with a punk jacket and a gothic collar with ethnic clothing. Own your favorite sun dress or costume with an ear cuff that stands out. Just be sure to have fun while you’re at it!

For those who want to stand out or sit on your throne and look your best, Nishant Nanda, CEO, Commercial Business at KD Gold & Diamonds, has revealed some super style tips with chic and trendy balls that will keep you looking stunning:

1. Necklaces with monotonous outfits – Whether it’s a plain top with a bottom or a dress, necklaces are a great way to add glamor to your outfit. For low-cut necklines, long chains or necklaces are two alternative looks – each with its own charm. More traditional necklaces can be selected if you are wearing something ethnic. Yellow gold pieces are a timeless metal and hue that pairs effortlessly with most outfits.

2. Be bright and bold with earrings – Whatever outfit you choose, you can always turn to a pair of fabulous earrings to tie it all together. Large, radiant yellow gold hoop earrings are a modern favorite. Or even traditional gold and diamond pieces with floral designs work well with semi-formal and formal looks. On top of that, they draw attention to your face – and that’s just what you want on your favorite occasions.

3. Bracelets to highlight your arms – Wear bracelets that match your outfits to make every move an eye-catcher. Delicate bracelets, varied textures or minimal pieces – the choice is yours. Of course, these work best when you’re not in long sleeves. It’s a fun way to accessorize looks that can take you from the office or a meeting to a night out on the town.

4. Jewelry that compliments your complexion – Sometimes it’s not so much the design as the metal that can be the right choice for a particular outfit. So take out your collection and opt for oxidized silver or yellow gold! Especially with ethnic clothing, these matching accessories can enhance your look with raw natural elegance. In terms of pieces, you can never go wrong with a necklace and earrings combination.

5. Play on your experimental side – Let your jewelry choice be an extension of your personality. Get creative and unique with your approach and you’ll soon discover that you’ve always had a one-of-a-kind style statement waiting to be expressed. The trick here is to avoid overdoing it and opt for a more minimal selection, balanced with oddities or different chords.

6. Show your love for rings – You can’t take a girl away from her rings! You shouldn’t try either. One of the amazing ways to accessorize a variety of outfits is to simply phone. Stacking your favorite fingers with your favorite coins is the easiest way to do this. Or organize your rings for the day according to your plans – cocktail rings, diamond-set pieces, modern geometries or timeless flowers.

seven. Back to classic favorites – Coordinating your jewelry with your outfit is easy when you can simply rely on solutions that never go out of style. As if wearing a sari, choose earrings in contrasting colors. Or a necklace with small studs for a lehenga and choosing a choker for the cut of your western clothes.

It couldn’t be easier for you to remember! Now you can step out of the house for any occasion, knowing your jewelry is working perfectly. It was nothing!


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