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Jewelry is not always considered part of men’s fashion. It has always been considered a source of glory for women. But as fashion trends change, men wear jewelry beyond a watch. They started experimenting with earrings, rings or even necklaces. Wearing jewelry, whether masculine or feminine, does not define anyone’s sexuality. Styling is simply a form of self-expression meant to be fun and boost your confidence. so no one should be afraid to experiment and have fun with fashion. (Also read: Men’s fashion advice: 5 must-have style pieces in a man’s capsule wardrobe)

1. less is more

Avoid wearing multiple pieces of jewelry together. Keeping things minimal looks classier. A simple minimal watch or a ring on one of the hands or just a wedding band enhances a simple outfit. Avoid stacking necklaces or wearing multiple rings or bracelets. Jewelry should be consistent with the overall style of the individual. The selection of appropriate jewelry also depends on the outfits; some will look better with much less jewelry, some with more, and some with a different type of jewelry.

2. Don’t mix silver and gold

Wear only one type of metal at a time. Silver and gold jewelry should not be worn together. Choose jewelry of a similar size or design. If you want to wear rings of different tones, try wearing them in different hands. Adding fashionable black diamond jewelry or adding leather pieces can completely transform your appearance instead of just gold and silver metals. Make sure the jewelry you wear is of good quality so that it goes well with the other pieces you wear. Your whole appearance will be affected if you wear high quality jewelry paired with cheap quality pieces.

3. Find pieces that complement your style

Everyone has a different sense of style, while some people might wear earrings, multiple bracelets, and rings, others would like to keep it basic. Always look for pieces that can complement your personal style. Try adding bold accessories that can express your personality, if your style is daring, like statement bracelets, stone rings, or layered silver chains. Wear more understated accessories if your fashion sense is more basic, like a classic watch or a pair of sterling silver cufflinks. Choose items that are comfortable to wear and don’t irritate the skin. You can opt for adjustable jewelry that can be personalized to your liking.

4. Style according to the occasion

Depending on the event or your personal style, you need to choose the right jewelry. When combining new jewelry, keep the occasion in mind. If you’re going to a party, feel free to experiment, but if you’re going to a job interview, be sure to keep it basic and professional. If you’re going to the office, add cufflinks, tie clips, collar bars and pins. These go well with formal and semi-formal attire. Avoid wearing sparkly, sparkly, large or brightly colored jewelry as it can overpower your outfit.

5. Choose an appropriate color palette

Men who wear jewelry often make the mistake of choosing a color palette that doesn’t suit them. Consider your skin tone before choosing metals. For example, silver metals look best on cooler skin tones, while rose gold works best on warm tones. Choose simple white metals if you have a neutral tone. Also keep your body proportion in mind when choosing pieces. If you have a long neck, opt for layered chains. If you have a thin wrist, choose watches or bracelets with a thin belt and if you have a thick wrist, choose watches or bracelets with a wide belt.

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