Five festival fashion trends at HARD Summer 2022

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With the state of the rave fashion scene constantly changing, let’s take a look at five different trends at HARD Summer Music Festival this year.

Hardness brought the heat back to Southern California, literally and figuratively. This fiery festival staple has drawn a diverse group of fans to the NOS Event Center on July 29-31 for an epic weekend full of some of the dance music scene’s hottest acts, up-and-coming artists, special performances, and more. With the festival extended to three days this year for the first time, there was so much to see and do, sights to admire and cool beats to hear in the heat of the Saint Bernardine Sun.

With the intense rays of the sun also comes the desire to wear as few clothes as possible to stay as cool as possible – but dressing up for shows and finding cute outfits is half the fun of going to any event. . If you’re from Southern California, chances are your closet is full of summer clothes and accessories suitable for our typical comfortable year-round climate – and if you’re into festival fashion , you surely have some of the hottest artillery and unique fits in the scene stocked and ready to go for your next event.

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This year at HARD Summer, we noticed a number of attendees who brought some really cool looks to the table. From handcrafted pieces to carefully curated ensembles, matching outfits, and more, we’ve picked out some of our favorite outfits from this year’s edition of the festival. Keep reading to discover our handpicked best looks for HARD Summer below!

Five festival fashion trends at HARD Summer 2022

HARD Summer 2022 Fashion Festival
Featuring: Niki Ziaei (@nikiziaei)

Silver flames in the harsh heat

A cooler version of HARD heat, Niki Ziaei chose to incorporate a non-traditional flame color into their HARD Summer outfit. While orange, red, and even pink flames popped up throughout the festival, iHeartRaves’ Niki’s silver flame bottoms stood out among the crowd in just the right way. Paired with a silver criss-cross top also from iHeartRaves, this silver look is a unique take on this year’s eternal heat at the festival. Niki is ready to stay as cool as possible at HARD Summer, complete with matching white Converse sneakers and white sunglasses.

HARD Summer 2022 Fashion Festival
Featuring: Eugene (@wayvzmusic) and Ashley English (@sparkle.puss)

Pink is the new black

If there’s one color that seemed to be everywhere this year at HARD Summer, it’s pink. From splashes of pink sprinkled throughout outfits to full pink outfits, color was a dominant reigning supreme at the festival no matter who you were. Pink may never really go out of fashion, but it’s a color that has been revived in different ways time and time again, usually used on the funniest of occasions when creating and planning festival outfits.

Take Ashley English and Eugene, for example. After meeting them shortly after going through security, we knew there was something special on the surface of their outfits. Sure enough, Ashley told us that she actually DID her entire outfit, repurposed from a dress! She also helped Eugene design his cut, opting for a pink leopard button-down from Amazon and pink shorts from Rave Wonderland. We love a pink moment, and kudos to Ashley for her major talent in her lasting outfit overhaul.

HARD Summer 2022 Fashion Festival
Featuring: Daric (@deejaydidthat) and Brie (@virtual.briality)

Legen-dairy animal print matching outfits

These incredible, carefully coordinated cuts caught our eye from a mile away. We were on the hunt for animal print outfits and were thrilled to find them. While many animal-themed outfits come in the form of onesie, various creatures were on the prowl this weekend in much cooler outfits to beat the heat at HARD Summer.

Daric and Brie looked cool and comfy in their matching cow print looks. Brie opted for a bodysuit she bought at the Squad Goals Rave Shop in Buena Park and reworked. HARD Summer’s talent was surely in the spotlight this year as Brie sewed her and Daric’s outfits, reworking them from their original state. Completing their look with cow-print bucket hats, this cute couple elevated the “steaks” for style at this year’s festival.

HARD Summer 2022 Fashion Festival
Featuring: Hannah Roberts (@hannahcatalinaa) and Mica Almira (@micaalmira)

Space Cowgirls

Earth greetings – this iconic, out-of-this-world look is here to stay! The space cowgirl ensemble was evident this year at HARD Summer, and even I joined in on the fun. Even if you opted for a more spacey or western vibe, iconic cowboy hats and radiant, silver space-like apparel were both prominent in the NOS Events Center this year.

Mica Almira and I decided to fully play the space cowgirl trend. I wore a silver bikini top, matching mini skirt, hot pink ROC Australia boots and a pink cowgirl hat to top it all off. Mica’s silver cowgirl boots from Amazon are the perfect contrast to mine, with a matching silver fringed dress from Shein and a pink furry cowgirl hat. Together, our intergalactic looks were ready to take on the Wild West of HARD Summer.

HARD Summer 2022 Fashion Festival
Featuring: Cora McEwen (

It’s all in the details

Cora surely knows how to add all the necessary details to a rave cut that one might forget or even not think to include. Her Shein-powered outfit took center stage as we checked out all the details of her look, which featured multiple garters and fishnets, pink sequins, sparkly accessories, a temporary butterfly tattoo, a pair of glasses of groovy sunshine and an octopus friend who stuck to her the whole time we were dancing at the Green Stage. Oh, and we can’t forget the wrists full of kandi to trade as well. Cora’s bubbly personality was the perfect icing on the cake of her intricate outfit, almost overshadowing her elaborate style.

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