Football shirts as fashion accessories


Football has long been popular among a large section of Bangladeshi youth. As the European football frenzy took over, in the early 2000s, shirts became a mainstay of our youngsters’ fashion choices. Youngsters sporting the colors of their teams at casual hangouts or other social events have become commonplace.

It has a lot to do with the evolution of jersey design. It used to be that players would just put on a one-color jersey with nothing but their team numbers for games. The big break came in the late 1970s when major sports equipment manufacturers entered the market. Jerseys began to come into fashion thanks to the work of dedicated designers.

Today, designers delve into the history of clubs, cities and traditions while conceptualizing shirts. Combining football antiquity with innovation, they evoke eye-catching designs that capture the attention of young people.

Sponsor logos also play an important role in the elegance of jerseys. Simple lettering or small logos in similar tones maintain the perfect balance. Good design can be ruined by spectacular sponsor logos, Manchester United’s Chevrolet-era shirts being the best example.

As for the fabrics, the jerseys are made from recycled plastics and polyesters. People normally associate these fabrics as poor quality and inconvenient to use, but that’s not the whole story.

Manufacturers use nanotechnology to modify jerseys so that they absorb sweat and are comfortable. This makes swimwear suitable for unbearable summers. Additionally, the airways help retain heat in cool weather, an effect that can be maximized with full sleeves. Thus, the jerseys are also fashionable in our mild winters.

As designers strive to adapt new trends, they also look to the past for inspiration. While many manufacturers have jumped on the trend, Adidas led the way a few seasons ago. Combining past designs with modern styles, their retro-inspired jerseys have become stunning statement pieces. These designs are not only elegant, but also symbolic; they are pieces of history rather than mere jerseys.

The creators are also inspired by other clubs. Milan inspired multiple Manchester City away shirts, did you know? Despite the controversies, he fosters a sense of unity on and off the pitch, provided the rivalry doesn’t run too deep.

Puma, meanwhile, led something of a revolution. Their third kits for the 2021/22 season looked like casual T-shirts, with only the team names printed in the center surrounded by transparent logos. Creative designs like this can only increase the attractiveness of jerseys for fashion enthusiasts.

Jerseys are not just clothes. For fans, they represent passion, hope and our collective dreams. As the season progresses, all we can do is hope that our teams will perform at their best and cement themselves and their shirts to a special place in football history. .

Inqiad is a lifelong Manchester United fan and self-proclaimed Targaryen. Contact him at [email protected]


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