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It is commonly believed that sportswear has been one of America’s most important contributions to the fashion world. Although most fashion in the United States was influenced by Parisian styles, sportswear was an exception and was called the “American look”. At the turn of the 21st century, the term “sportswear” described clothing created for people who wanted to participate in or went to watch spectator sports.

It consists of separate pieces that can be mixed and matched – a marketing term that lets shoppers know that clothes can be coordinated with each other to create an endless variation of outfits.

Over the years the designs have evolved to be cleaner, crisper and with more aesthetics and style as they have brought it out of the gyms. There are a few rules that should be followed when creating a casual look.


A model walks the ramp wearing a tennis top and skirt at Miu Miu’s Fall 2022 ready-to-wear collection

The season for donning a crisp white shirt or skirt may be days or weeks away, but tenniscore is starting to make its presence felt. For example, take Miu Miu’s Fall 2022 ready-to-wear collection, which featured tennis polo shirts paired with white mini skirts. Stylist Lakshmi Babu said, “The exclusive preppy, rich and chic look of the white pleated mini skirt drives us to search for the best tennis skirts for sports. Invest in a knee-length version as they are functional and can go from a low-rise skirt to a high-rise skirt.


Kiara Advani dons a mesh top

Knitwear, which is usually associated with activewear, has taken a firm hold on the casual wear trend charts. With its light and airy fabric, mesh is not limited to women’s clothing, but works for men too. Indistinct inserts, layered mesh garments and accessories are just a few examples of these ready-to-wear and aesthetic variations of this trend that many big-box retailers are already producing. “The idea is to keep the style simple and not overdo it with the mesh,” advises stylist Pallavi Awasthi. An easy way to style it is to layer a mesh top over a neon bralette to create a peek-a-boo effect.


Ranveer Singh wearing a baseball cap (Photo: Facebook)

No guesses on how this accessory got its name. You also won’t be surprised to learn that the baseball cap was first designed by a baseball team. Due to the expansion of televised sports in the 20th century, these caps have found their way into homes and onto the head. In the West, hip-hop giants like Jay-Z often incorporated a cap of his beloved baseball team – the New York Yankees into his look. Closer to home, Indian celebrities, including actors Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor, often incorporate this cap into their casual airport outfits. Babu explains, “These caps can be worn anywhere outside of the office to give an outfit a more casual vibe.”


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