Rupali Sharma Sets New Trends for D2C Brands: Launches Fashion Accessories and Handbags


Rupali Sharma is the founder of Aegte Lifescience, a premium skin, hair and makeup brand, who has revealed the successful 4-year journey in establishing Aegte company with a valuation of 150 crore. Aegte was founded in 2018 with the launch of Onion Hair Oil, and today the brand offers over 50 products in the skin, hair and makeup category. The products are available on major marketplaces like Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, and other renowned platforms. To stay relevant in the market, Aegte’s marketing team does almost no traditional marketing: Aegte Lifescience is a digital-based brand that depends on new effective social media strategies, influencer marketing and community to boost sales.

The brand known for offering makeup products with skin benefits and has now introduced jewelry and handbags.

An inspiring name in the world of female leaders, Rupali Sharma forged herself on this path less traveled to shape her love for Mother Nature and birthed her brand, Aegte. It was awarded as India’s Most Trusted Brand 2022. “I believe in reducing clutter to create your identity and that’s how we created Aegte, all our products are result driven and made from proven ingredients. Launching my own brand is based on personal experience as I trusted a home remedy to control my hair loss after my second child. said Rupali Sharma.

What was your project before Aegte? Why is ‘Aegte’ the name of the brand? What made you choose vegan and natural topical treatments over chemical-based ones??

Rupali: After completing my MBA from Delhi University, I chose HR as my career. Along with work, I gave equal priority to my family and my children. My daily 9 to 5 working life was not my dream as I always wanted to pursue my passion – it turned my love for nature into a makeup, skincare and haircare brand through which people would recognize the true power of Mother Nature and it’s natural healing ingredients. Many thanks to my husband, Dhiren, who has continuously supported me to achieve this goal.

My belief in Mother Nature and her natural healing powers prompted me to launch my own brand, Aegte, a Danish word meaning ‘authentic’. I am a person who believes in nature and authenticity, whether it is a person or a product, so this brand name was perfect to represent the vision of the brand. I chose organic rather than chemical formulations so that people opt for these toxin-free products without fear of side effects. Aegte offers a myriad of 100% vegan and natural makeup, skin and hair care products free of parabens and sulfates to target a wider audience. Aegte started with onion hair oil in 2018 and today we have more than 50 products in the catalog that are aimed at men, women and children. The brand valuation is 150 CR and we are aiming for 500% growth this fiscal year.

A decoder question: How do you make decisions?

Rupali: That’s a one-word answer – GUT! I trust my instincts!

Would you like to give us a preview of the exciting launches to come?

Rupali: At Aegte you will find everything unique. We don’t follow the trend, we set the trend. With the help of our R&D team, we research the best formulations for the product. Likewise, our makeup range offers benefits for the skin. So every product under Aegte offers the benefits of proven ingredients that are 100% natural and effective in delivering results.

However, our next launch is my passion for fashion. It’s more than skin and hair care, but with the same quality and cruelty-free production. As you know, makeup and fashion go hand in hand, that’s why Aegte has planned a new launch for accessories, including collections of trendy jewelry and high-end handbags, an exclusive range specially designed for all the women ! With innovative products in makeup, skin care and hair care, this collection of accessories is the first in fashion, with trendy, unique and colorful designs. The new launch in the fashion segment is sure to win your hearts!

The industry is growing rapidly. What changes would you make to stay competitive?

Rupali: The cosmetics industry is evolving by becoming more realistic, natural and innovative. Changing dynamics and new trends since the pandemic have caused consumers to question their choices. Skincare is the new trend; people aim to correct the problem from the core instead of just covering it up with makeup. Growing environmental awareness has spurred the growth of vegan and natural beauty products. To keep up with changing trends and demands, we aim to innovate and think outside the box. This will help us strive to spearhead the rise and be the forerunner in the ever-changing makeup industry.

What makes Aegte different? What is the brand message?

Rupali: Aegte succeeds Passion. Each of our launches has always set trends for others to follow by sticking to its core concept of uniqueness and creativity. Even during the pandemic, we have made sure to provide a safe and seamless overall experience for our consumers with globally protected transactions and hygienic packaging. Our products are versatile, results-oriented, high quality, affordable and easy to use. We have stayed true to the essentials: a consumer-centric approach; who have helped us evolve and redefine beauty. In short, Aegte products are unique and have eliminated the monotony of ordinary cosmetics.

Our newest launch of 3D Gel Kajal is another revolutionary product in the market, where you get brown eyebrow tint, black gel Kajal cum Eyeliner, small applicator brush and small mirror. This Kajal 3D gel is the perfect choice for creating an everyday look or a smokey eye, it is formulated with biotin and almond oil which also stimulates eyebrow and eyelash growth.

We continued to meet our customers’ demands and provide products that make it easy to achieve professional makeup at home while taking care of the skin. We encourage people to accept their imperfections and provide them with products that cure all their ailments. Our goal is to give our consumers the confidence to shine inside and out.


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