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The oversized trend may be big right now, but according to fashion experts, it’s not something for all occasions. Style experts insist that as long as it fits over the shoulders, the length of the arms and pants and in proportion to the waist and the rest of the proportions are correct (so it’s not too short in the jacket) then a deconstructed oversized suit, especially double-breasted, can work.

Oversized shirts are loose shirts that fall beyond the waistline and add volume to your clothes. These wardrobe essentials come in a variety of styles, from a traditional button-up to an oversized shirt. They can be worn to create a variety of ensembles, from traditional looks to current fashion trends and street styles.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Raghav Pawar and Amar Pawar, co-founders of Powerlook, suggested a few tips for choosing the right fit, which is key to pulling off a hassle-free oversized shirt look:

1. Choose detailed items – A baggy garment can easily envelop your body in excess fabric, but choose pieces with detailing to keep your huge shirt from dominating your body; an unusual pattern, pop of color or stitching gives an oversized shirt a focal point, drawing attention to the design rather than the extra fabric.

2. Consider the event – For a casual or athletic look, go with a big, loose t-shirt, but when it comes to a business or casual look, consider an oversized button-up shirt.

3. Take two sizes larger than your usual size – Stylists recommend buying a shirt two sizes larger than your usual size when shopping for oversized clothes. Your shirt should be loose around your waist and shoulders and a few inches longer than a standard shirt. The shirt sleeve of a huge T-shirt should fall lower than the traditional mid-bicep region, as low as the elbow in some tall styles.

They advised, “Don’t worry about oversized sleeves falling near elbow length. That’s how it should be! You can, however, choose to fold over the hem of the T-shirt for a different style. Tuck the shirt in and pair it with pants for a more casual look. You can also experiment with a range of vibrant colors, patterns and images for a trendier design. Also try other accessories such as bucket hats, belts, denim chains and fanny packs! Even though there are no streetwear fashion rules, remember to wear whatever you want with confidence!


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