The Queen was forced to ditch fashion trends for ‘uniform’ in the 1960s ‘Not quite fit for a monarch’ | royal | New


Queen Elizabeth II has been a “true fashion icon” for 70 years. In her youth, she adopted many of the fashion trends of the time, but once her reign began, she was forced to adapt her style to her new royal role. Speaking to 9honey, royal author Bethan Holt discussed the 96-year-old’s style and how it was forced to change once she became queen.

“You’ve really seen the Queen play with it, the way the Duchess of Cambridge or Meghan Markle play with trends today.”

She referred to Kate and Meghan as today’s “royal fashion influences”, just as the Queen was in the 1950s.

She added: “As she [the Queen] entered the 1960s, she was aging a little, the trends were becoming, perhaps, not quite fit for a queen.

“You know the whole miniskirt thing, I’m not sure you really want to see that on the Queen of England.

“Then she found a way to dress that really suited her, a real formula, a real uniform.”

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She continued: “It was about these bright colors, these skirts and dresses that fell just around the knee.

“Always with a beautifully matching hat too.”

The royal author, who wrote the book The Queen: 70 years of majestic style, added: “There have been, sort of, experiments over the years, different ways of doing this.

“That fundamental formula remains the same now.”


Besides her style, the queen is also known for her love of brooches.

She is rarely seen without brooches, which are always carefully studied.

Despite her ongoing health issues, the Queen visited Scotland this week. She was in Edinburgh for the historic Keys Ceremony at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.



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