Top 4 Fall-Winter 2022 fashion trends


The preppy trend is taking us back to the 90s this season with looks inspired by retro school uniforms. Think Alicia Silverstone in Clueless or Britney Spears in her iconic Baby One More Time video and you’ve got this perfected look. Choose pleated skirts, tartan blazers and colorful jackets paired with knee high socks, Mary-Jane shoes and Peter Pan collar blouses. The more color the better, as we’ve seen on the runways from Burberry to Miu Miu and Off-White. Hues such as green, blue, yellow and pink will add a touch of vibrancy to your fall wardrobe.

Modesty and comfort have taken the lead in fashion in recent years, and this too long autumn, elegant models are preferred to short models. From casual styles at Louis Vuitton to sleek dresses at Burberry and Saint Laurent, hemlines have gotten a whole lot longer and there’s plenty to be excited about! Pair a maxi skirt with a hooded jacket and sneakers for a casual look, elevate a casual dress with sleek pumps for work, or for a more glamorous approach, pair a floor-length dress with a pair of heels for an ensemble evening dress.

It might be a little early in the year to start thinking about the holiday season, but don’t let that dull your sparkle! This season, designers are adding a touch of magic to their collections in the form of metallics, sequins and shimmering embellishments. So grab this little black dress and add some sparkle this season for an undeniable sparkle to your evening wear collection.


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