Winter fashion trends for men: bundle up in style


Winter fashion trends for men: bundle up in style

November 22, 2022, 11:43 a.m.
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Warmth and style can go hand in hand. Photo credit: Pinterest

For most men, fashion takes a back seat in winter as staying warm becomes a priority.

It can be difficult to achieve the perfect look without compromising warmth.

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal style. Warmth and style can go hand in hand.

Check out these fashion trends to keep it comfortable and on-trend this season.

Turtlenecks are a timeless winter style that not only makes you look dapper but also does its job of keeping your sensitive neck warm.

Simply wear a turtleneck or layer it with an overcoat, it looks stylish either way.

These can be paired with casual and business outfits, or can even be worn with a tracksuit – turtlenecks go with anything.

Fluid and oversized outfits

Baggy clothes are not yet out of fashion, they are more fashionable than ever.

If you’ve missed wearing oversized clothes, now’s the time to put them back on for a warm and casual look.

Layer it with a wool overcoat or an oversized technical jacket.

Underneath, keep the fabric sleek with turtlenecks and cropped pants.

Who said shawls were a boomer thing? Gen Z and Millennials now have more options with a modern twist on age-old style.

Drape a dapper shawl over your shoulder at one side, keeping it half hanging but covered.

Shawls add the chic and elegant factor to your overall style.

Stick to a neutral or earthy palette and get a clean, sleek look.

Boots are the essential footwear for winter.

Besides keeping your feet warm, they can really class up an outfit.

These can go with anything, whether you choose formal pants or a pair of jeans.

However, always make sure to keep your boots clean or their condition can quickly deteriorate.

You can invest in a pair of beige colored Chelsea boots this winter.

Experiment with scarves and caps

From gloves to caps and scarves to stoles, there are plenty of accessories you can experiment with in winter.

When choosing a cap, choose the style and color that suits your face shape.

Likewise, when choosing scarves, make sure the style, print and hue matches your personal style.

Although black, gray and brown are the favorite shades, you can also choose bright colors.


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